Management philosophy

NAGADEN group management philosophy

NAGADEN group makes use of relief, security know-how that they cultivated in passenger transportation,
We offer service to contribute to local comfortable life.

We are "comfortable life support business groups".

*so service business group

Nagano Dentetsu
Railroad Division
Nagaden Bus
Iiyama sightseeing car for hire
NAGADEN technical service

Life service business group

Nagano Mitsubishi Motor Sales
Hokushin rice oil
NAGADEN wellness

Hospitality service business group

NAGADEN hotels
Obuse highway oasis
Jigokudani Yaen-koen

Real estate service business group

Nagano Dentetsu
Real Estate Division
Administration of property part
NAGADEN construction

Associated service Division

Nagano Dentetsu
Trip department
Advertising department
Insurance Department
Affiliated Enterprises Division

2020 group action guideline

We catch own ability in the future progressive form

Group compliance basic policy

1. The observance (thorough legal compliance) of rule

We observe laws and ordinances and perform appropriate company activity along purpose of legislation and meet social trust.

2. Ensure safety

We secure security, relief of customer to having top priority in every scene providing products, service. When abnormal situation occurs, we try for exclusion of danger, recovery of quick relief and damage, and responsibility that accepted the situation takes action that there is by any chance.

3. Appropriate operation

We perform operation that there is of transparency close to faithfulness and appropriateness for person concerned with all companies including customer, stockholder, community.

4. Faithful correspondence to customer

We continue offering relief, trusted products, service and focus on aggressive communication with customer and always listen to customer feedback and cope faithfully and quickly.

5. Coexistence with society

We realize that it is local coherence company again and deepen interchange with community and act for local contribution activity including active participation in approach and volunteer activity of regional activation.

Group CS uplift

We declare comfortable life support

  • 1. I express appreciation to customer by words and action.
  • 1. As for me, "each one contacts customer for consciousness called face of company".
  • 1. I become the body of customer and give a service with smile.
  • 1. I value contact with customer.
  • 1. I hold comfortable greetings to all all of you.