Public announcement about security of transportation

Based on regulations of passenger car transport business transportation rule Article 47, we will publish the following information about the results of degree and plan of 2020 in 2019 (2019) about security of transportation.

About approach about the 2020 transportation security management

1.Basic policy about security of transportation

We have safely top priority consciousness highly and plan continuous improvement of the safety management system, and we realize duty and mission to transport customer safely again, and employee each one observes associated laws and ordinances and contributes to community by carrying out pride and duties to carry public transport business faithfully.

2.Aim about security of transportation

  • (1) Serious responsibility accident zero
  • (2) Accident causing injury or death zero in the car
  • (3) Reduction (30% reduction) of existence responsibility accident

3.Approach for aim about security of transportation

  • (1) Reinforcement of private guidance
    • ①Instruction utilizing dorareko dejitako information
    • ②Coaching for person of accident recurrence
    • ③Promotion of health care
  • (2) Reinforcement of accident prevention in the car
    • ①Thorough ensuring safety utilizing microphone broadcast in the car
    • ②Thorough safe confirmation at the time of departure in the car
    • ③*sei of windshield rearview mirror
  • (3) The general training in high driving training facility
  • (4) Conduct of president, the workplace patrol by the managerial class, street instruction and conducting tour instruction

4.Information sharing method about security

  • (1) Accident inspection by accident prevention Committee and continuous improvement
  • (2) Quick common knowledge and inflection of security information (we include unsafe incidents information) that we collected
  • (3) Adoption of exchange of opinions method at the time of crew group training

Approach about security of 2019 (2019) degree transportation and conduct result

1.Aim about security of transportation and the achievement situation

(1) Serious responsibility accident(2) Accident causing injury or death in the car(3) Reduction of existence responsibility accident
0 cases0 cases0 casesTwo cases30% reduction27.6% reduction

※As for the existence responsibility accident, fault ratio is included in around several percent of accidents and extremely slight minor collision.

2.Statistics about accident prescribed in automobile accident report rule Article 2

Fatal accidentSerious wound accidentCar troubleOther accidents
0 cases0 casesThree cases0 cases

3.2019 (2019) degree administrative action

There was not administrative action.

4.As a result of domestic inspection to be concerned with safely of transportation and measures that we took measures

  • (1) Correction improvement demand
    ・Because there was driver who passed (once a year) at consultation time by office standard although we had a medical examination as for all the members about marriageable age diagnoses 65 years or older within consultation time (once in three years) of marriageable age diagnosis determined by passenger car transport business transportation rule, there was demand to carry out consultation according to office standard immediately.
    ・Because there were few unsafe incidents reports (offer of safe information), there was demand to analyze cause, and to collect positively.
  • (2) Correction improvement measures
    ・We carried out marriageable age diagnosis consultation of all the people who were over consultation time of standard in the company.
    In addition, we performed instruction thorough standard observance in the company for each sales's director.
    ・We improved by assuming newly oral collection method in addition to collection with current offer paper so that provider made it easy to easily provide information.

5.Measures that we took measures for security of transportation

  • (1) We carried out the first designation driver instruction for two people who acquired large-sized car two kinds license in upbringing driver system (target new graduate who entered for request for driver) for the purpose of securing of human resources of driver in this term.
  • (2) We introduced two advanced safe system deployment cars such as collision damage reduction brakes, driving concentration monitor, vehicle sideslip prevention control unit, traffic lane deviation alarm.
    In addition, we introduced five cars mounted with emergency brake (system corresponding at driver abnormality).

6.The conduct situation of education to be concerned with safely of transportation and the training

  • (1) We carried out education targeting at all crews and service managers. (August, twice holding of December)
  • (2) We carried out all office workplace patrols by executive and performed confirmation, instruction such as the roll call execution situation.
    (July, twice conduct of December)
  • (3) We carried out conducting tour instruction by executive and each sales's director and street instruction premeditatedly and supervised with instruction of driving, service contents of each crew.
    (conducting tour instruction occasional conduct, street instruction May, July, September, four times conduct of December)
  • (4) We held accident prevention Committee in each office and took accident prevention measures based on analysis of accident, unsafe incidents information. (April, July, September, October, December, six times (a total of 24 times) holding of March)
  • (5) Eight people attended the general training in safe driving center training institute.
  • (6) We held 13 times of how to get on right buses classrooms for primary schoolchild and elderly people.

7.Safety management official regulations, the transmission system of information to affect safely of transportation

The details of safety management regulations are this

8.Information to be concerned with driver of car for business, service manager, maintenance manager

190 drivers, service manager 19, service management adjunct 11, maintenance manager six, maintenance management adjunct 27

9.Information to affect car for business

143 riding together vehicles, riding together Highway vehicle eight, chartered vehicle 29, 180 in total

10.Update authorization of "three star" in "Charter bus company safety evaluation authorization system"

By Charter bus business, "three-star" which was the best rank was authorized in October, 2016.
We carry out each measures for ensuring safety surely and maintain "three-star" authorization and will serve for security service in future.

11.Information to be concerned with safe unification manager

Our safe unification manager managing director Hiroaki Sasaki