Excursion shuttle bus "obuse Roman-go" in Obuse-machi

We go round tourist attractions in Obuse-machi

Please use shuttle bus "obuse Roman-go" to tie up art museums in the town block to from high easy method Obuse PA.


Daily travel couponAdult (more than junior high student): 500 yen
Primary schoolchild: 300 yen

Timetable, service day

The daily travel coupon handling place

  • obuse highway oasis
  • Obuse sogo-koen
  • Dance with prayers to Buddha on the six purification days of a month building in Obuse station building
  • obuse guide center
  • The Kozan Takai Memorial
  • obuse museum
  • Town-managed Matsumura parking lot
  • Hot water of the Obuse onsen hole Kannon
  • Hot water of Obuse hot spring akebi
  • Floral garden obuse
  • kiyomekoji
  • Culture teahouse (Gansho-in Temple) of taste
  • Parking lot of Mori
  • The admission ticket section common throughout three halls