Nagano city area bus "Tohoku Gururin-go"

Nagano-shi Tohoku area, please use "Tohoku Gururin-go"

"Tohoku Gururin-go" is "local circulation community bass" to circulate through Hurusato, Wakatsuki, Yoshida, the Asahi district. We operate life road in residential area while being easy to get in and out in the inside of car without step, and binding station of existing bus stop and railroad, main medical institution and commercial facilities, public facilities together using minicoach of 26-passenger which is kind to environment. As imminent vehicle of everybody, please use.


Adult200 yen
Primary schoolchild100 yen
Outing passport user110 yen

※We cannot take in Route bus commuter pass.

Timetable, service time

  • It is (from Monday to Friday) service only on weekdays
  • As you do not travel for holiday and New Year holidays (from December 29 to January 3) on Saturday, please be careful

Course figure