Guidance of chip card "KURURU"

What is chip card "KURURU?"

Chip card "kururu" (KURURU) is available in all Route bus (Nagaden Bus, ALPICO Kotsu Co.,ltd., Gururin-go) running in Iizuna-machi in Takayama-mura in Suzaka-shi in Nagano-shi. It is very advantageous card which the points collect according to the use amount of money when expected to pay fare in chip card "kururu" (KURURU).

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Precautions matter

  • Available chip card
  • Chip card which is not available
    ※Chip card which is not usable becomes an example
  • We cannot use by Expressway bus, Resort direct bus, shuttle bus at the time of event.
  • It is only "kururu" (KURURU) card that can use. We cannot use traffic card of other cities including "suica" "PASMO" "ikoka".
  • Please offer the purchase, charge in the bus inside of car during stop of bus by all means.

Available bus route

All lines of Nagano area
In Suzaka, Takayama, Obuse areas, it is all lines except "obuse Roman-go"
All lines of Iizuna area

Bus route which is not available

Yudanaka, Nakano, Shiga Kogen area
Iiyama, Kijima Taira, Nozawa onsen area
Shinanomachi area
Expressway bus, Resort direct bus
Buses which runs temporarily such as shuttle buses at the time of event

About bus route except Nagaden Bus

Please refer to official site of chip card KURURU.