Line, Resort direct bus Q&A

About Timetable

Q1. Where should Timetable of Nagaden Bus, Nagano Dentetsu have inquiry?

A1. We can search timetable of bus from this homepage.
Please confirm timetable of train from the following.

Nagano Dentetsu site
Nagaden BusNagano Office026-296-3208
Yudanaka Office0269-33-2563
Iizuna Office026-253-2250
Iiyama Office0269-62-4131
Carryall section (the bus head office)026-295-8008
Nagano DentetsuHead office026-232-8121
Transport Section026-248-6000
Nagano Stn.026-226-2681
Suzaka Stn.026-245-0317
Gondo Station026-232-3517
Shinano-yoshida Stn.026-241-4481
Shinshu-Nakano Station0269-22-2244

Q2. Must we not use cell-phone in the Route bus inside of car?

A2. Because it is a nuisance to other customers, and customer of use uses bus with medical devices such as pacemakers in peace, please cut power supply of cell-phone in the neighborhood of priority seat.
Any place other than the neighborhood of priority seat, please refrain from calls after silent mode setting so that sound does not come out.

Q3. Do you want to know the service situation?

A3. You see bus service information of this homepage, or A1, please feel free to contact each office reference of this on the telephone.

Bus service information

About ticket

Q4. Type of ticket of Route bus?

A4. Please refer to the next table.

Normal one-way ticket

(1) Route bus
(2) Expressway bus
(3) Resort direct bus

AdultMore than junior high studentAdult fare
ChildrenPrimary schoolchildHalf price (as for the fraction to 10 yen unit counting a fraction as a whole) of adult fare
InfantUnder 1 year or older 6 years oldOne is free per one companion, from the second children fare (bus needing reservations applies children fare)
BabyUnder 1 year oldNo charge


※Of coupon in Nagano-shi cannot use. Please use chip card "kururu". But last; by NAGADEN taxi can use.
Normal amount of money couponIt is rate for ten pieces with 11 sheets. (about one discount of regular fare) there are 18 kinds of 20 yen - 150 yen ticket, 200-500 yen ticket, and please use in combination.
Shopping couponWeekdays come by the use during from 10:00 to 16:00. In addition, on Saturday and Sunday and holiday, it is available daylong. It is eight pieces of rates with ten sheets. (20% discount of regular fare) there are 13 kinds of 40 yen - 150 yen ticket, 200 yen ticket, and please use in combination.
2,000 yen combination couponYou release for a total of 2,200 yen for 2,000 yen with for each five pieces of 20 yen - 50 yen tickets and 15 sheets of 100 yen tickets (about one discount of regular fare), and please use in combination.
Bus contact day
Specially discounted coupon
It is coupon which is available only every Wednesday. (no car day) release for 1,300 yen for 1,000 yen (23% discount of regular fare), and please use in combination.

Commuter pass

Commuting commuter passOne month fixed periodFor *40 time of usually one-way fare
Three months fixed periodFor *115 time of usually one-way fare
Attending school fixed periodOne month fixed periodFor *30 time of usually one-way fare
Three months fixed periodFor *85 time of usually one-way fare
※Whenever fare rises 10 yen, one-way 690 yen or more become increase by 100 yen.
Transfer commuter pass
(from bus bus)
We add up section kilometer and, about fare calculation of commuter pass changing two lines, calculate. When the amount of adding up of each commuter pass fare is less than section kilometer application adding up sum, we do with the amount of adding up of fare.
Study small commuter passAttending school commuter pass which is younger than primary schoolchild is half price (10 yen unit counting a fraction as a whole) of attending school commuter pass.
Train, bus
Transit commuter pass
In transit fixed period of bus of train and Nagaden Bus of Nagano Dentetsu, it is 5% off from each fare. A01, please refer to this for amount of money.
One month fixed periodOne month X (1-0.05)
Three months fixed periodThree months X (1-0.05)
Six months fixed periodOne *6* a month (1-0.1) X (1-0.05)
It is school by busContentsIt is specially discounted commuter pass for students going to school from Nagano Stn.
Amount of moneyNotice
Amount of money is changed as follows from 2020 (from April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021).

60,000 yen a year
Target schoolNagano-higashi koko, Nagano koko, Nagano girls' high school, clear spring women's university High School
SectionIt is itoki*ryusho of being on the register roll high school from Nagano Stn., Nagano bus terminal
Expiration dateOne year until March 31 of April 1 - next year

Q5. When use Route bus, by large denomination bill (two thousand yen bill, five thousand yen bill, ten-thousand yen bill) can not use?

A5. I'm sorry, but autocrat operates Route bus, and autocratic changemaker does not support large denomination bill. On ride, I would like cooperation to have you prepare thousand-yen bill and small change or coupon at hand.

Is there discount system of fare of intellectual person with a disability, mind person with a disability Q6. person with a physical disability?

A6. There is. Please see the next table.

Normal fareAdultHalf price of adult fare
Infant, childrenHalf price of children fare
Care giver who is targeted for discountHalf price of adult fare
Commuter passAdult30% discount of commuter pass
Children, primary schoolchildHalf price of attending school fixed period
Junior high school - junior college, university, technical school life30% discount of attending school fixed period
Care giver who is targeted for discount30% discount of attending school fixed period

※Normal fare of infant: We are assigned to one companion person (even as for the primary schoolchild, possible), and one person becomes free of charge.
※Expressway bus fare is not included in normal fare discount of mind person with a disability.
※Care giver who is targeted for discount: It is given caregiver a discount like intellectual person with a disability, mind person with a disability person with a physical disability without distinction between division [the first class, the second kind] of intellectual person with a disability, mind person with a disability person with a physical disability. It is still Expressway bus About fare, only the first kind becomes application. (when target care giver is child children fare it becomes at half price.

Is there Q7. group discount?

A7. Please ask each office beforehand when you know the use date and time. (A1.)

The target staffMore than 15 people
DiscountNormal group10% discount
Student group20% discount
  • We apply to the attendance person (teacher, tour conductor) that student group passenger fare corresponds to the release condition of attending school commuter pass.
  • There is not application to Expressway bus, Resort direct bus, event bus.

Q8. Is there refund?

There is A8.

Ticket classCalculation method
Commuter passAmount of release - (use of usually one-way fare *2 time X days - refund fee (520 yen) of commuter pass
[example] When he/she purchased commuting commuter pass in section of 300 yen for one month from April 11 and refunds on April 20
Amount of 12,000 yen - (use of 300 yen *2 time X days 10th] -520 yen = refund 5,480 yen
Expressway bus ticketWhere notification of cancellation was accomplished by departure because of one slice of ticket
Refund fee 100 yen
When there is not notification of cancellation, we do not refund. In addition, I would like refund at window which you bought.
In addition, refund of coupon of high-speed Nagano - Ikebukuro Line was finished.

About chip card

Q9. Is chip card usable in the inside of car?

Nagano area bus common chip card "KURURU" can use A9.
As chip card of other cities is not available, please be careful.

  • Available chip card
  • Chip card which is not available
    ※Chip card which is not usable becomes an example

Q10. Please tell line that KURURU card is available to, line that is not available.

A10, please refer to the following.

Available bus route

All lines of Nagano area
In Suzaka, Takayama, Obuse areas, it is all lines except "obuse Roman-go"
All lines of Iizuna area

Bus route which is not available

Yudanaka, Nakano, Shiga Kogen area
Iiyama, Kijima Taira, Nozawa onsen area
Shinanomachi area
Expressway bus, Resort direct bus
Buses which runs temporarily such as shuttle buses at the time of event

About bus route except Nagaden Bus

Please refer to official site of chip card KURURU.