Yashiro Suzaka Line (Yashiro - Matsushiro - Suzaka)

Guidance of Yashiro Suzaka Line

As transportation as a substitute for Nagano Dentetsu Yashiro line which became abolished line, we started service of "Yashiro Suzaka line" from 2012. We operate section (Suzaka district - Wakaho district - Matsushiro district - Chikuma-shi district) of Suzaka Stn., Yashiro Stn. at "way train" "high speed" "high speed".


About transit fare in Yashiro Suzaka Line

  1. When we transfer from bus making it to Matsuyo to Suzaka Stn. line, Yashiro Stn. line in the Yashiro Suzaka Line, direct fare is applied.
    ①Customer of ride has you offer that you transfer to crew at the time of arrival of Matsushiro Stn. in cash, and please pay fares from bus stop which had you take to bus stop having you fall. I hand transit ticket.
    ②Customer of the use reads card in chip card "kururu", and please touch plane. Transit fare is automatically applied.

The purchase place of commuter pass, coupon

  1. The purchase place of Yashiro Suzaka Line commuter pass
    ①Nagano Dentetsu Nagano Stn., Gondo Station, Shinano-yoshida Stn., Suzaka Stn., Nagaden Bus Nagano Office, ALPICO Kotsu Co.,ltd. Matsushiro office
  2. The purchase place of train bus transit commuter pass with Yashiro Suzaka Line and Nagano Dentetsu Nagano Line
    ①Each Nagano Dentetsu manned station, Nagaden Bus Nagano Office
  3. The purchase place of transit coupon with Yashiro Suzaka Line and Nagano Dentetsu Nagano Line
    ①Each Nagano Dentetsu manned station

About the use of Yashiro Suzaka Line Highway service (for Matsushiro Stn. Departure Suzaka)

By Yashiro Suzaka Line, we will operate high-speed flight one flight from Matsushiro Stn. to Suzaka Stn. in morning on weekdays.
You consider this expressway service that reserved by customer bringing attending school commuter pass between Suzaka Stn. from Matsushiro Stn. and can take, but ride reservation is possible in the customer who is not bringing in attending school commuter pass and we cannot accept seat reservation, but can take as follows. In addition, we close as soon as it becomes full.
Please use.

1.Service time

Stop nameTimetableTimetable
Matsushiro Stn.7:30Only as for the ride
Nagano IC mae7:34Only as for the ride
Shiyakusho-nishi7:56Only as for the getting off
Suehirocho7:58Only as for the getting off
Suzaka Stn.8:05Only as for the getting off


610 yen (commuting commuter pass, use of attending school commuter pass possibility)

3.Can make a reservation except customer with attending school commuter pass; number

Five seats (we can make a reservation by the use situation and will change number in future.)

4.Make a reservation

NAGADEN Expressway bus reservation center 026-295-8050


Nagaden Bus carryall section 026-295-8008