Maintenance garage

Ordinary-sized motor vehicles, and of Charter bus car, large Route bus car large in us and Expressway bus vehicle mechanic with check technology that maintain, and is high and rich experience from light car maintain certainty, quickness in motto by car safely specially.

Hokuriku Shinetsu Department of Transportation-designated factory type designation number Hokushin Designated number 20099

Application for car inspection 026-296-3210

Passage of day of guidance - car inspection - of car inspection

1.Reception desk of the day

Please stock car on the date and time of guidance.
After having gone through the procedure in reception desk office, we accept consultation about maintenance with customer. Please consult about worry in anything.

2.The resolution, maintenance

By car of customer, mechanic which had national qualification maintains inspection items based on check standard of country quickly and surely.


If maintenance is completed, examiner inspects for the whole.
※We issue safety regulations conforming certificate.


I will inform customer as soon as car inspection is over.
I will send the registration document and sticker of published by Department of Transportation later.

5.Guidance of the next time maintenance

At the time of next car inspection, I will inform by postcard two months ago.
In addition, please feel free to contact if you may relate to maintenance of car.

As sale such as tires goes, please feel free to contact.

We have you prepare on the day of the car inspection

  1. Automobile third party liability insurance certificate (compulsory automobile liability insurance)
    Please prepare compulsory automobile liability insurance health insurance card during validity. When he/she comes to forget, please let know as issuance is possible in us.
  2. Car tax payment certificate
    We have you reissue if you go to automobile tax office of the jurisdiction when it is lost certificate this year.
  3. Seal
    Seal (possible in signet) of "user" of the registration document