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Free Wi-Fi setting to high-speed carryall, Resort direct bus was completed

 By Nagaden Bus, free Wi-Fi installation to vehicle of all high-speed carryall lines was completed by Tuesday, October 8, 2019.
In this way, in Nagano - Ikebukuro Line, Nagano - Osaka Line (we have been introduced in July, 2017), 3 lines of Nagano - Niigata Line, free Wi-Fi is available.
In addition, for improvement in service to visit to Japan foreigners who increased for the winter season, installation of Wi-Fi was completed about Resort direct bus (Nagano - Shiga Kogen, Iiyama - Madarao Kogen). (November 14, 2019 postscript)

 Service of introduction is "HighwayBUS-Wi-Fi" which wire and wireless provides this time. This service uses communications equipment such as smartphone or tablet terminator in offer area,
From top page corresponding to 7 languages (Japanese, English, Chinese (han, kan), Korean, Thai, Portuguese), we just register e-mail address and can be easily connected to the Internet.

 We cope with "Japan Free Wi-Fi" until now to give to all of you who used high-speed carryall, and to have increasing visit to Japan foreigners enjoy comfortable movement space.

1.Service name

2.Service offer line
 High-speed carryall Nagano - Ikebukuro Line, Nagano - Osaka Line, Nagano - Niigata Line (all eight cars)
  Resort direct bus Nagano - Shiga Kogen Line, Iiyama - Madarao Kogen Line (all 12 cars)

3.Correspondence language
  7 languages (Japanese, English, Chinese (han, kan), Korean, Thai, Portuguese)

 Please see leaflet of seat pocket equipment or this page.

5.The use time, the number of times
 Once 12 hours, the number of times having no restrictions

  ㈱Wire and wireless

  When we change Expressway bus before the use time, there is not need of the re-certification if it is Expressway bus providing the same service.

  Nagaden Bus carryall section TEL. 026-295-8008