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System number in Nagano-shi changes (April 1 ...)

System number of line in Nagano-shi of Nagaden Bus is changed from Wednesday, April 1, 2020.

We did fuban from the first, but are unified to platform number of Nagano Stn. and two digits of numbers (line three digits number not to go along Nagano Stn.) that linked until now. In this way, Route bus of ALPICO Kotsu Co.,ltd. and rules of system number are unified and become easy to use Route bus in Nagano-shi.

Line ... 51 ... from Nagano Stn. fifth platform

Line ... 61 ... from Nagano Stn. sixth platform

Line ... 81 ... of Nagano Stn. east exit departure and arrival

In addition, it is simple, and, to this, indication method of destination indicator of bus improves the way ground and destination to plain thing which we located, too.

[51]Hirabayashi line, [63] Sansai line, flight via Nagano Nagano municipal hospital of [64] mayumida Sansai line display pictogram (decorated letter) of hospital in destination indicator of the front. We can distinguish than we decode much character string when we saw forthcoming bass from far away when it is Nagano municipal hospital way at first sight.

In addition, we display system number in destination indicator behind and system number is square together and surrounds the front, the side, the back and improves visibility.

Change (700px). of system number in Nagano-shi jpg

Downloading of system number change notice. pdf

Nagano urban bus route map with new system number. pdf