Trip condition

It becomes important condition on using "NAGADEN bus tour". Please read by all means.

This trip depends on the following condition (extract) and standard travel agent stipulation (offer type plan trip contract).

  • I hand document which explained trip condition.
  • It is included in tour costs
    Tax such as the fare, hotel charges, meal charges, trip handling rate of schedule listed in road map, premium, entrance rate and consumption tax.
  • On account of the customer, we do not refund even if not used partly.
  • About payment and contract establishment of tour costs
    Please transfer application fee (the tour costs total amount) after the arrival of guide book for less than seven days.
    Contract should be established when we accepted application fee.
  • This trip condition is based on the present on April 1, 2020.
  • Child rate assumes 12 years or younger other than the thing without designation.
  • Seat should be early order of reception desk. As you accept hope of seat reservation, please refer at the time of application.
  • As a general rule, we charge extra charge in column of tour costs unless otherwise specified when you want room with a small number of people (1~3 name degree). Timetable in schedule and course may change by traffic condition and weather condition.
  • It is plan on the departure and arrival time of mention.
  • Minimum passenger count
    When this trip does not reach 25 participants, it may cancel conduct.

Breach of promise charges (cancellation fee)

Cancellation fee (when trip is canceled by convenience of customer, we charge the following cancellation fee for one.)

Cancellation fee (we do not include on the departure date)Ten days ago ... eight days ago (get and back in a day)20 days ago ... eight days ago (stay)Seven days ago ... two days agoThe day beforeOn the dayAfter the trip start
Cancellation fee20%20%30%40%50%100%

Standard travel agent stipulation

Standard travel agent stipulation

Nagaden Bus mark

The sphere of businessDomestic travel
RegistrationGovernor of Nagano registration travel agency No. 2-377
The registration dateJanuary 8, 1996
Expiration dateJanuary 7, 2024
Registration nameNagaden Bus
AddressOaza, Nagano-shi Murayama 471-1
Name of officeThe head office Office
Domestic travel duties handling managerFutoshi Ando

※Domestic travel duties handling manager is person in charge of business in office handling trip of customer. Please ask domestic travel duties handling manager written on the cover without reserve if you have any questions about explanation from the person in charge about contract of this trip.