Reward card

  • You used NAGADEN bus tour which had you participate in offer plan product (there is offer product excluding partly) and NAGADEN sightseeing nice tour or Nagaden Bus Maintenance garage and apply.
  • Getting and back in a day is one, 2 days and 1 night or more, staying seals with two stamps.
  • As for the reward card, is only for these other people; let remain in effect, and cook. Transfer to another person becomes invalid.
  • When card is lost, point becomes invalid. (past point does not add)
  • Tour conductor performs sealing, refund of stamp in the tour with tour conductor. In the tour without tour conductor, crew performs.
  • As for NAGADEN BUS maintenance, car inspection (legal cost is excluded), check maintenance, the parts purchase, less than 10,000 yen one, 10,000 yen or more become one addition every 5,000 yen 5,000 yen or more.
  • It is two years from the for the last time use day on expiration date of point.
  • We pay 1,000 yen cashback at the time of achievement of three points.
    It is date of the back side on this occasion. Address. Please fill out column of full name.
    For more details, we guide in the inside of car. Person you have does not forget at the time of tour participation anymore, and take.
    In addition, we may change without notice about contents of card.
The common reward card surface The common reward card back side