NAGADEN bus tour Q&A

What is Q1. NAGADEN bus tour?


Nagaden Bus is doing recruitment of company, plan sale in Governor of Nagano registration travel agency second -377. We guide and are bus tour aiming at "customer satisfaction" at autumn price twice a year just right in "one-day accommodation plan" in spring.

What should application for Q2. NAGADEN bus tour method do?


Please call recruitment of Nagaden Bus groups appointment taking center. Professional staff is waiting. The Internet reservation from this

Contact informationPhone numberReception hours
Receptionist center026-295-8310From Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00
※On Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, Obon holiday, New Year holidays are excluded

Is the operation staff of each Q3. trip some?


It should be from 25 participants, but may contact when you have to wait even if it does not reach the operation staff, and it reached the operation staff at reservation stage. In addition, there is available trip even if it does not reach 25 people.

What is thing included in Q4. tour costs?


Tax such as fare, the hotel charges, meal charges of schedule listed in road map, the trip handling rate, entrance rate, travel insurance, consumption tax is included.

Is refund by nonparticipation of part of Q5. trip plan arunoka?


When it is not used on account of the customer partly, we do not refund.

What time of Q6. point in time is application established at?


If we have you apply, and operation is decided, we will send guide book using around 14th before date as an indication. As we enclose transfer paper of application fee to attached documents, application will be established when we had you transfer the total amount within seven days of principle trip date. But we may do guidance of establishment over telephones by circumstances.

Standard of Q7. child discount?


Child rate assumes 12 years or younger other than the thing without designation.

Is Q8. seat reservation possible?


You will accept, but, in the case of reservation, please refer for hope of seat reservation as it becomes application for acceptance order.

Hope of room staying Q9.?


When you want room with a small number of people (1~3 name degree), as a general rule, we charge extra charge. For more details, please refer.

May trip date be changed by Q10. weather, event?


There is not principle. But Timetable in schedule and course may change by traffic condition and weather condition.

What should Q11. cancellation (cancellation) do? Again cancellation fee (cancellation fee)?


We accept cancellation and change [over telephone]. As contact by email causes trouble, we do not accept.

Cancellation fee (we do not include on the departure date)Ten days ago ... eight days ago (get and back in a day)20 days ago ... eight days ago (stay)Seven days ago ... two days agoThe day beforeOn the dayAfter the trip start
Cancellation fee20%20%30%40%50%100%

Accident measures during Q12. trip?


Tour conductor of accident pay perfect attention, and will go together so that there is not, but will cope in prescribed travel insurance when was hit by accident by any chance.

Is there Q13. tour conductor, guide?


Guide will not go together about night travel and tour without sightseeing at destination. In addition, it becomes according to mention according to plan product mention about tour conductor saying "there is no tour conductor company/tour conductor".

Can you appoint Q14. ride and place to get off?


Range (departure place - last arrival place) listed in bus tour trip is negotiable. Please refrain from the getting on and off at extremely remote place.

Carry-on of Q15. big baggage of being able to do it do carry?


We make less than 10 kg of principles, size, and size of Carry on in the car is less than 90cm of the side, height in total. We can pile up big baggage on trunk room.