About rate

Fare of Charter bus becomes thing which added up time system fare and kilometer system fare

Fare of Charter bus is set to set within the upper limit, the lower limit that the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism made.
Bus leaves office and we add up "kilometer system fare" calculated from "time system fare" calculated again from service time before coming back to office and distance that it ran and are calculated.

Time system fare

(check time two hours if is before + service start, to perform after the end at service time) X time unit price
When it is accompanied by accommodation, we add check for each one hour to perform before check and departure of the next day to perform after the arrival at accommodation place.
Reservations time for bus is set with three hours even at least,
Even in the case of the short use, we add two hours at anteroposterior check time, and it is service five hours or more.

Kilometer system fare

The total mileage X kilometer unit price before doing kaesako from office leaving a shed
When we meet customer and are cooked, the forwarding distance after having gone down is included in the mileage.

Calculation of estimate needs trip (schedule) of use of, bus

We are on the way, at place and time that bus invites and is cooked, drop in, and, as for the estimate, place, arrival time to destination cannot guide rate that is correct when usual with time for use of bus to add distance, and to calculate. Is early in recomputation being necessary when plan changes on the way; please let know. Estimate is free again and again.

By condition of service, additional charge incurs

As for the bus fare, additional charge incurs by distance, route in time taken advantage of.

  • In the case of the use to enter time of (22:00 ... 5:00) early in the morning in the middle of the night
  • When the mileage or time is long, and change driver is necessary
  • When we use toll road and toll parking lots such as expressways
  • In the case of service that accommodation of crew needs
  • When want bus guide; etc…

For more details, to Charter bus inquiry window, please feel free to contact.