Charter bus Q&A

Charter bus

The use use of Q1. Charter bus? The way of utilization?


Use of Charter bus is available in various scenes. As well as purpose of simple movement, it is available as place of getting close! If the number of people is equal, there is not worry of driving at a bargain price than train, too! Secretary is great help, too.
The use example Sightseeing, the training trip, consolation, the friendship trip, excursion, camp, mountain climbing, school excursion, trip to pickup and drop-off, graduation trip, seminar camp to accommodation, day return package tour, ceremonial occasion, ski golf pickup and drop-off, event relations shuttle bus, airport, station, Buddhist memorial service, neighborhood association

Type of Q2. Charter bus? How many people can we get on?


Charter bus prepares Large bus (45-59 customer), medium size bus (27 customer). Bus with salon turns chair, and the rear in the car becomes like party seat. You have a choice to needs of customer. For more details, please see "vehicle lineup" page.

Want to talk about estimates beforehand to borrow Q3. Charter bus, but ...


Let alone telephone, the person in charge visits those who wish to make direct arrangements. In addition, come over to office and can make arrangements.
I can give estimate (free) if I understand the number of people, starting area, destination, sojourn time on the use day.

Contact informationPhone numberReception hours
NAGADEN BUS Charter bus section026-295-8300Weekdays 9:00-18:00
※On Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, Obon holiday, New Year holidays are excluded
Or please use inquiry form

It is from where in whole country, and can you borrow Q4. Charter bus?


If set business area is not departure or trip to arrive from the inside, you cannot use Charter bus.
[our business area] We leave Nagano (the whole area), Niigata (Myoko-shi, Joetsu-shi) or arrive

About estimate/reservation

Reservation method of Q5. Charter bus?


At stage when plan of customer was almost fixed at, please refer. As making a reservation becomes first-come-first-served basis, we think that eyes would be good already (when you did not decide the details including destination, reservation is possible). As from January to February are tourist seasons, in May in particular, it is expected for from July to August, from October to November that we are crowded. In addition, please refer as you cope even just before that as possible if there are any spaces of Charter bus.

From arrangement of Q6. Charter bus to service flow of payment method?


If telephone, the Internet, reservation with FAX are completed, we do notification to confirm the last service contents 2-5 days before service day afterwards. Please wait in peace. In addition, we make arrangements at any time if you have any questions when you make service plan. Please feel free to contact.

About rate

Is making like Q7. Charter bus consultation and estimate, trip line that we arrive free?


We appear all free. Please consult by all means.

How much is Q8. Charter bus?


The bus price (fare rate) is different in (2) course distance (3) car models at (1) use time and time, the use time.
Expense included in the price is bus fare, fuel charges in trip, driver.
The indication price to reply replies by the total sum indication method (basic expense + consumption tax).
[thing which is not included in bus price (fare rate)] Toll road (high speed) traffic, ferry postage, parking charges, crew accommodation, lunch charges to navigate (as for the basics, of about 8000 yen per person crew accommodation. Lunch costs once around 500-1,000 yen)
Forwarding toll, midnight extra charge, guide charges

Payment method of the Q9. Charter bus price?


As you tell about deadline for transfer, our designated account after having made a reservation, please transfer the price there.
※Fee in case of transfer becomes customer burden, and thank you for your understanding.

How does accommodation of Q10. crew (driver, guide) turn out?


Like 2 days and 1 night in the case of the use with accommodation accommodation charges of driver, guide of customer burden. About accommodation arrangement, we ask customer for basics, but can arrange here in some cases.

Q11. Is a guide attached to the bus?


When bus guide is necessary, please order. Additional charge incurs. (other than guidebook in the car, we try to be able to spend car happily)

What is included in Q12. reservations bus fare?


Bus fare, driver, fuel charges are included.

When they use Q13. Charter bus, how do expressway charges turn out?


When it occurs, about expressway charges, parking fee, it takes additional charge.

When we exceed from time when we planned by Q14. traffic jams, does it take additional charge?


Additional charge does not incur. But additional charge incurs if there are any contents changes (drop in addition of place) locally.

Does it cost cancellation fee of Q15. reservation?


As for the cancellation after reservation decision, fee incurs as follows.
In addition, we do not have fee by cancellation of estimate.

From 14 days before the allocation of cars day until eight days ago20% of bus fares
From 7 days before the allocation of cars day until allocation of cars date and time 24 hours30% of bus fares
After 24 hours ago of the allocation of cars day50% of bus fares

General Chartered Passenger Car Transportation Business Standard Conditions of Carriage

Is Q16. insurance included?


Voluntary insurance to compensate for accident during bus ride is on.
As travel insurance to compensate for accidents at sightseeing spot and the accommodations is not included after having got off bus, please order when you are necessary.

Can we have Q17. receipt?


We will prepare if you can order.

About trip, facilities in the car

In Q18. Charter bus, what kind of facilities are set?


As TV, DVD, karaoke is installed, please enjoy movie viewing. In addition, you can eat cold drink and hot drink as you are fully equipped with bottle air conditioner, water heater. For more details, please see "vehicle lineup" page.

Is there device of DVD in the Q19. inside of car?


I decline use even if I have the screening except DVD (DVD which motor carrier and distributor contracted) for duties becomes infringement of copyright and bring in. Please consult about any unclear points.
You photograph, and reproduction of DVD which we edited for DVD reproduction machines is possible

Q20. bus does not have restroom, what kind of place does it stop at when restroom break is necessary?


Tourist facility and drive-in, please in service area, others on expressway (in facility where bus can stop at).

Is Q21. meeting place all right by plural number?


On expressway service area (there is service area that is not available partly.) Tourist facility and drive-in, please in, others (in facility where bus can stop at).
In addition, don't worry as I will check possibility, impossibility of service to meeting place hoped for in us.

Does Q22. Charter bus have seat belt?


We put on all seats (we include supporting seat).