About free Wi-Fi of Expressway bus, Resort direct bus

In all Expressway bus lines and inside of car of Resort direct bus (Shiga Kogen Line, Madarao Kogen Line), there is service of free Wi-Fi.

Free Wi-fi
By vehicle with this sticker, free Wi-Fi is available.

The use procedure of Wi-Fi

※You confirm contents of FreeWi-Fi service Terms of Use by all means, and please choose button [agree].
※The following contents vary in assembly operation for basic assembly operation in some cases.


This image is one.
Please choose "HighwayBUS-Wi-Fi" among Wi-Fi setting window after the ride to bus.

②We are connected to the Internet

We start browser and choose "connection in the Internet".

③We agree to Terms of Use

We read Terms of Use carefully and choose "we agree".

④The use start

Nagaden Bus Web site is displayed and becomes the use start.

Target line

①Expressway bus

  • Nagano - Ikebukuro, Shinjuku Line
  • Nagano - Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe Line
  • Nagano - Niigata Line

②Resort direct bus

  • Nagano - Shiga Kogen Line
  • Iiyama - Madarao Kogen Line


  • It is service that Nagaden Bus provides to introduce here. In joint service company, we may offer different free Wi-Fi.
  • We may use vehicle without facilities of free Wi-Fi on account of the second car and vehicle.
  • By the use situation such as the number of surrounding environment and the connection such as weather or tunnel, it may be hard to be connected.
  • It is available by one connection until up to 12 hours. When you are cut, please tie again again.